345. JARDIN de FLUJO. / Selim Kim

“When water flows, people flow. When people flow, stories flow. When stories flow, the story creates an endless space. And the breathing space keeps the water flowing.”

Suggest a space where stories could be continued to flow without being trapped or disconnected. The site is located near the border between Spain and Gibraltar, where the territory can be shared for national unity. After Brexit, the national border will be redefined to surround the site. I wished the conversation would start with ‘How was this building built here?’

The reason why the share kitchen is the main program, not the market, is that I wanted people to have conversations rather than commercial purposes. There are quite honest conversations during the time we cook and eat together.

Where thought flows and returns without being trapped in its own frame, this is the Jardín de Flujo.


김세림 Kim Selim
4학년 Fall Semester