260. Primitive Future / Jeonghwan Lim + Sunhwan Kim

The typology of stadium is going to become extinct. The waste, disposable resources, forms a topography adding a new layer to the previous traces of the nature. <Primitive Future> is a geological narrative in the waste landfill with the realities that we face; the forced modernism inherent in the late industrialization countries. Integrating architecture, landscape and infrastructure, the terrain accommodates various urban programs, making topographic differentiations; sedimentation, erosion, uplift and weathering. The primitive land is not a mythical retrospection, but a part of an earth which becomes a new possibility of coexistence in the Anthropocene.


Primitive Future
임정환 Jeonghwan Lim + 김선환 Sunhwan Kim
Waste Multi-purpose Stadium International Open Ideas Competition
Competition Proposal