153. CANNT HOUSE / Minjeong Kim


This project is making house for interesting artist’s family. It is for CANNT,cartoon artist couple. The member of family is couple, a dog and an expected baby.

Model Image

They need some places where to teach at home to some people, listening music and reading comic books. The site is located in Hwasung in Suwon,Korea. Specially, its near to local library and park. Determining the direction of the house, placing the building in consideration of the height difference with the road. Three lines based on one axis to divide zone. It based on the relation to the surrounding roads. Rotate 2nd floor of public zone to make a garden more comfortable.


1st Floor Plan
2nd Floor Plan
3rd Floor Plan


김민정 Minjeong Kim
2학년 1학기 2rd Grade Spring Semester Project