382. Myeong-dong Condensing Project / Minjeong Kim + Chaeyoung Lee




Many programs are not directly related to survival. As a result of the survey, there are more additional programs such as cultural facilities, clothing stores, plastic surgery, and theaters in Myeongdong rather than programs essential to survive.

There was the hierarchy on the road system of Myeong-dong. According to the path of Myeong-dong being consisted of two main roads, there is a difference in accessibility along the way. When determining accessibility inside Myeongdong, the means of transportation and the population density on the road was additionally considered.



The summary of the state of coordinate we proposed is as above.
Although many programs are mixed in Myeongdong, each programs are clearly located in their own area within our coordinate. There are few programs with high life-enhancing property and high accessibility.
Here we set ‘the ideal sphere’. In order for Myeongdong to become a cultural city continuously, many programs must exist in more than 1/8 sphere. However, not all programs exist inside the 1/8 sphere according to the proposed coordinates.
The solution we thought was to place a complementary program among the programs inside the sphere next to the program far from the sphere. Programs that occur through communication between the two programs will be located close to the ideal sphere.



  1. The sphere is adopted in the form and ‘volume’ is the first criterion.

  1. 2. The main approach of each program is assumed to occur at the bottom of the volume, but in some cases it can be mutated in a way that allows additional access.
  1. 3. Two programs are overlapped when those are complementary, otherwise the space is inserted between them.
  1. 4. ‘Circulation’ is adopted first, as the architectural grammar for weaving all of these.



3 Dimensional Image

김민정 Minjeong Kim + 이채영 Chaeyoung Lee
4학년 1학기 4th Grade Spring Semester Project

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