163. UNDERGROUND GALLERY PARK / Millie Munkhbat Undram

How to make meaning to the enjoyable space for people?

The five human senses are the main theme of the space. The user will not have an entire look over the park, but they will do a series of different experiences. The variation of high and inclination, dimensional games is some of the ludic peculiarity of the PARK.

The Main title of our graduation project is a CNC (City and Culture). Culture is no longer a thing to simply represent ethnic. In the last decades culture centers have grown to be true leisure and com-munity centers, adding multiple features and significantly changing, in a positive way, the role of the traditional.

I tried to make something new offer about culture. Culture is not a just tradi-tional more. I want to make new spaces for feeling culture through enjoying. It is proposed an affirmative construction, which is a landmark, a reference point in the Hannamdong-Itaewon.


: Community Culture Park in Hannamdong
옹드람 Millie Munkhbat Undram
5학년 1학기 Thesis Project