413. Cities, Grow In Difference / Zli Yang

Daerim-dong Urban Experience Center
이질(異質) & 共生(공생) Urban symbiosis in a multicultural society

개요 Introduction

위치 Location : 서울시 영등포구 대림2동
용도 Program : 문화복합시설 Cultural Facilty
대지면적 Site Area : 9,283㎡
건축면적 Building Area : 3,244㎡
층수 Floors : 지하 2층, 지상 4층


Time is fair to everyone, but space is not. Each of us are volunteer prisoners in urban space. The Berlin Wall has fallen, but the wall in our hearts is difficult to dissolve. Urban space is becoming more homogenous. How can we resolve the conflict between personality and mainstream? and where will the symbiosis between different populations?

개념 Concept

I hope to promote communication between people with different attributes. As a solution, I present placing urban interaction points in the heterogeneity space like Daerim 2 dong. To  achieves the goal of symbiosis. Each entrance of the building can be used as a “city-neutral space”. So-called city-neutral space allows people to form interactions spontaneously through space forms such as performing arts/ landscape platform/ multifunctional atrium. Each intersection space responds to different scenes of urban life. 

대상지 Site

디자인 Design

도면 Drawings

1st Floor Plan
2nd Floor Plan
3rd Floor Plan

이미지 Images

모형 Maquette


양쯔리 Zli Yang
5학년 Thesis Project